Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Apple iMessage Outage

Apple iMessage Outage

Apples iMessage went out and a lot of users have posted their frustration on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. The Apple iMessage is available on both iOS and Mac, and the messages are not being sent at of the moment while on the iPhone they are being sent as text messages. So, you should still be able to receive text messages on your iPhone, just don’t expect to see them pop up on your Mac or iPad until this problem is fixed.

iMessage is Apple’s messaging client for iOS and Mac which allows what would normally be text messages to be sent through the service and for messages to show up on iPads and Macs.

Tech site "The Next Web" reported that users could not send iMessages via OS X and on the iPhone and the iMessages reverted to text messaging to send messages that failed to send. It also said that the problem did not seem related to the recent upgrade to iOS 8.1.1, as the site's test iPhones that could not use iMessages had updated to 8.1.1.

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