Wednesday, January 6, 2016

CES 2016: Budget 4K HDTVs (UHD) TCL, Hisense, Sharp, and Vizio

CES 2016, Budget 4K HDTVs, budget UHD

Ultra high-definition (UHD or 4K) televisions are also ultra expensive that can leave a huge hole on your wallet. Good thing TCL, Hisense, Sharp, and Vizio have unveiled budget friendly and midrange 4K television lines for the coming year.

Vizio unveiled their 4K D-series HDTVs - D series is a budget HDTV line. 50 inches and above have UHD resolution (3,840 by 2,160). Price: 50-inch D50u-D1 $729.99, 65-inch D65u-D2 $1,299.99

TCL announced the 2 new lines of 4K-capable Roku TVs, connected televisions that use Roku's interface and streaming media ecosystem.

The US5800 and UP130 series are the first UHD Roku TVs to hit the market.

Price: 55-inch US5800 less than $600, 65-inch US5800 less than $1,000

The UP130 series features will have better design and a remote control with built-in microphone and headphone jack, and will retail for approximately $100 more than the equivalent US5800 models. Both lines will be available in 43-, 50-, 55-, and 65-inch versions this spring.


Hisense ULED 3.0 technology high-end models. The latest version of ULED will have up to 576 separate lighting zones for local dimming, quantum dot technology capable of 91.2% of the Rec.2020 color space, and a peak brightness of cd/m2. ULED 3.0 will be featured in Hisense's 55H9 and 65H10 series, though only the H10 will incorporate quantum dot technology.

The 55-inch H9 and 65-inch H10 will be available in February, both have curved screens and be capable of displaying HDR content.

Price: 55H9 $999.99, 65H10B $2,799.99.

Hisense also announced the H7 and H8 4K HDTV lines. These HDTVs won't be able to show HDR content as intended, but they will be able to decode HDR content to fit the capability of their panels, and will be much less expensive than the H9 and H10 models. The H8 line uses local dimming to improve contrast, while the H7 series uses constant backlighting (or edge lighting for the 65-inch model). The H7 series will ship in February and range from $399.99 for the 43-inch 43H7C to $1,299 for the 65-inch 65H7C. The H8 series will ship in April, and include the 50-inch $599.99 50H8C and the 55-inch $699.99 55H8C.


Sharp Aquos new flagship N9000 series boast the SPECTROS quantum dot technology and featuring HDR capabilities.

65-inch LC-65N9000U $2,999.99  Sharp's first curved 4K HDTV
70-inch LC-70N9100U $3,299.99 Flat panel
70-inch LC-70N8100U model support HDR but it does not have the quantum dot technology.

Other set in the N8000 series, the 65-inch LC-75N800U will only be able to decode HDR, and not be specifically HDR-capable in what it can display. The 70N8100U and the 75N8000U will retail for $2,299.99 and $2,999.99, respectively, when they ship in March alongside the 65N9000U. The 70N9100U will be available in July.

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