Monday, August 12, 2013

Apple new iPhones 'will be called 5S and 5C,' according to a Japanese website

Apple new iPhones

A Japanese website believes it has confirmation that the successor to iPhone 5 will be called the iPhone 5S, and that Apple’s rumoured low-cost iPhone will be known as the iPhone 5C.

The website Macotakara said that its 'sources in Asia' have confirmed the names, which have long been under speculation.

The C in the iPhone 5C is thought to stand for 'colour' which could suggest that the phone will come in a range of colours, rather than the standard black and white options.

Apple is set to officially unveil the new generation iPhone at an event next month, insiders say.

It is believed the event, allegedly on September 10, will see the launch of the upcoming iPhone 5S and possibly also a rumoured iPhone 5C 'low-cost' device.

Indicated updates on the iPhone 5S include sensor which can identify the owner by his or her fingerprints.

Photographs have leaked of a smartphone dubbed ‘5C’, supposedly intended as a cheaper version of the popular iPhone, with a plastic case.

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