Sunday, August 16, 2015

Samsung Produce the World's largest hard drive 16 TB capacity with 3D V-NAND tech

Samsung HD, Samsung harddive 16TB

Samsung presents the world's largest hard drive at 6 terabytes (TB) of capacity. The Samsung PM1633a HD is a 2.5-inch solid state drive which has 15.36 TB of storage. It is not the conventional magnetic hard drive, but rather a Solid State Drive which is tougher and faster. Seagate and Western Digital offers only 8 to 10 TB of storage. 

They were able to achieved this taking advantage of a new technology called 3D V-NAND. The new hard drive has 48 layers of 3D V-NAND memory cells, whereas it was only 36 last year. They squeeze in the capacity with the use of its new 256 bit (32 GB) NAND flash die, which is twice the capacity of 128 bit NAND dies.

They inserted 48 layers of 3-bits-per-cell (TLC) 3D V-NAND into a single die. The Samsung hard drive uses between 480 and 500 of the new NAND flash chips. The company also showed off a server with 48 of the new PM1633a SSDs installed for a total of 768 TB.

This hard drive is expected to cost around $8000.

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